I love Christmas.

Like most people, I find it’s a wonderful time to gather everyone we love together and share great food, indulge in all the naughty treats and snuggle up in our beautifully decorated homes. But what I enjoy even more (or at least in a different way) is post-Christmas.

I used to dread it. Call it what you may … ‘bare-house syndrome’, ‘post-Christmas Blues’, I used to feel it coming as soon as Boxing Day was done. The dusty corner where the twinkling Christmas Tree was, the empty shelves bereft of glittery cards and even my front door – bare and dull after the wreath was removed… they were all crying out for some magical home decor. If you’re prone to the blues at that time of the year, read on.

There are so many ways to rejuvenate and get styling your home after you pack away the last of the Christmas stockings, without the need for a complete interior design and it’s amazing how light and bright you can make your home feel without losing its winter cosiness.

I’m a big fan of greenery inside the home. Particularly at this time of the year when we’ve been used to bringing the outdoors in, with our trees and holly. Ring the changes and invest in some greenery that signifies the start of the year and gives your home a fresh appeal. Eucalyptus leaves are marvellous. Place one or two stems in a statement jug or oversized vase and you have an instant centrepiece for a table, sideboard or windowsill and the added bonus is the heavenly fresh smell that will instantly cleanse your home. Although not to everyone’s taste, Lilies are another flower that will bring a distinctive aroma into your home and their fresh white displays are a welcome sight after the zingy colours of Christmas.

It’s tempting to refill a home after the crazy Christmas decorations make their absence known. Whilst I wouldn’t be rushing out to fill the new-found space, I do think it’s a perfect time of the year to pick up a couple of statement pieces for your home. My preference is always for soft furnishings or the odd piece of art. I often over-indulge in the sales with my penchant for cushions and throws. At this time of the year my desire to cosy-up is still strong and I can’t help but build on my collection of scatter cushions. I never use them all at the same time, preferring to mix & match and circulate to keep everything looking new and exciting. New seasons bring new colour collections (watch this space but my top interiors tip for 2020 is for muted pink, baby blue mixed up with neo mint) and I love to play around with a collection of scatter cushions and throws to keep my living spaces alive. Don’t be afraid to use cushions and throws outside of the living room too. Kitchens are notoriously hard, functional spaces and can really benefit from some softer accessories.

My final thought on this is candles. Lots of them. You can never have too many candles and again, after Christmas is a great time of the year to purchase an extra few that you’ve had your eye on. The nights are still long and the warmth of a scented candle will do wonders to boost your spirits. Collect together candles of different heights but try and stick with one colour. Play around with textures and weights to form a striking arrangement which is sure to catch the eye. Pair your centrepiece with a minimalist approach – lots of smaller candle holders each with one candle in, to provide the perfect balance. Now light your candles, cosy up and indulge in the post-Christmas loveliness of your home.