In these uncertain times it’s easy to become despondent and fearful but the rainbow symbol that has been used so widely across the UK in recent weeks is a reminder that we should cherish these moments at home and make the most of them.

For many, we have been given the luxury of time. Time to appreciate our homes, instead of simply rushing in from work, eating, sleeping and then back out again. More time will undoubtedly be spent in every room from the kitchen to the living room and from the bedroom to the bathroom, so now is the time to re-evaluate if it’s really working for you. Take the time to consider and assess how you use each room. Are you using the space effectively? Is the function of the room what you need or could it be that the you need to use the space for something different? The kitchen-diner has long been a home improvement aspiration for many families looking to create a functional yet stylish home, with its ability to morph from food prep area to dining area to living space to party room to kids’ study space. But with most of the population of the world working from home, don’t underestimate how valuable a dedicated office at home is right now and it will almost certainly add value to your home going forward. Many believe that working from home will become more common than working from an office in the future and this is probably true. Not only does it cut down on overheads for employers, it offers employees a more flexible work/life balance and helps the environment too with less traffic on the roads.

Redesigning a space and creating a home office needn’t be complicated or expensive. I have worked on some amazing home renovation ideas for a number of clients in Solihull and the West Midlands, looking to do just this so would be happy to show you how to make the most of your space and create an exciting office at home. It’s important to create a calm space where you can think, work, email, skype etc.. but also one that provides the necessary furniture (ergonomic chairs to ensure maximum support; clever storage solutions and essential lighting). Look at my Pinterest page for more design service ideas

Home office doesn’t have to be downstairs in the traditional sense. A spare bedroom makes a fabulous office environment (often arguably with better views too!). And double-up on usage. A free-standing double-height cupboard with doors can be positioned in a corner of any room and will provide a more than adequate office desk and filing space inside. What’s more when you’ve finished work, simply close the doors and you have a beautiful piece of furniture to admire. Another top tip is to use clever storage that hides away all your office filing. Ottomans, for example are just gorgeous to look at but provide a perfect storage solution too.

Interior design may not be something you need right now but updating your home can be achieved by simply clearing out (hugely cathartic), changing the room’s layout around, purchasing a new focal point for the room or redecorating and creating a fresh colour scheme. Home improvements needn’t cost the earth. If you need to purchase DIY materials, paints, wallpaper or tools, don’t forget your local independent retailers at this time, who are probably suffering more than the larger chains. You may find they are offering more than the materials you require, perhaps free delivery or some solid advice.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, now is a great time of the year to invest some time preparing for the oncoming summer months. Whether it’s tidying and weeding, mowing the lawn and mending fences or planting some summer flowers, fruits or vegetables, it’s a great opportunity to get your garden looking in top shape. Take a moment or two while you’re there to enjoy it too, after all that’s what it’s there for. Enjoy a cup of coffee or something stronger and appreciate how the birds, butterflies and bees seem to be in abundance this year. Whether it’s the lack of pollution, noise and general human activity or whether they always were in such numbers, we just never had the time to notice, who knows?