At the end of a tiring day there’s nothing like the luxury of a long indulgent bath.

But to feel totally relaxed, a beautifully designed bathroom is essential. Creating your own spa-like space at home is the ultimate treat and it needn’t cost a fortune plus you can create a perfect oasis in the smallest of bathrooms too.

My top tip when thinking about interior design for bathrooms is to think carefully about how you and your family use the space. It might seem essential that you have a slipper bath as the feature but if your lifestyle is fast paced and you use a shower 9 times out of 10, then think carefully about if that’s what you want to spend your budget on. Think about who uses the bathroom most, who uses it for functional reasons and who wants to indulge and spend time there. The average household will update their bathroom every 10 years, so consider if your needs will change over the next few years as children grow up and adults grow older.

When you’re planning your new bathroom, don’t forget about storage. It’s easy to overlook this as you concentrate on the larger furniture items but there’s no point in spending thousands of £’s to design a beautiful space and then having shampoo and conditioner bottles laying around the edge of the bath because there’s nowhere else to store them. Some things like towels can accentuate a space but other essentials need a space to hide! Consider a contemporary vanity unit to hide your essentials or if you’re looking at investing in a new shower, a recessed niche can look amazing as well as be very practical.

If you have a smaller space or a more unusual space that you’re working with, think about not only your floor space but also what height you have available. If you have a loft space or a sloping ceiling which prevents you from using that part of your space for a shower, it could still work for a bath or use that space for your storage or heating. You might still be able to use that area for a shower as some specialist shower companies will design an enclosure with an angled door if required so it’s worth playing around with ideas.

Once you’ve got your layout sorted, it’s time for the fun. Accessorising your bathroom is where you bring it to life and create your vision for your own spa retreat. 2020 trends are all abut dark moody colours. Typically not found in bathrooms but this year these bold dark blues and greys are making their way into the bathroom with great effect. Think dark stormy blues mixed with brass accessories to create the ultimate sanctuary. If budget allows, a touch of marble will create an amazingly luxurious finish but don’t go overboard. Just a hint around the washbasin or wall panels in the shower will add enough to create an impression.

Getting the flooring right in a bathroom is essential. Underfloor heating might be a consideration if wall space is limited and you want to avoid the need for a radiator. It can provide a cost-effective way of heating your room but the upfront cost means it’s generally seen as a long-term solution. There is a big move towards waterproof floor coverings in all forms from vinyls to tiles to carpet which gives you even more choice. Wood-effect floor finishes are big news at the moment and add that wonderful scandi-feel to your bathroom. They work well in daylight but even better in the evening with a few candles lit.

My final tip is to think about art in the bathroom. So often, walls are left unadorned in a bathroom, it being seen as a functional space. But using a few well-chosen pieces of art on a wall will bring it to life and when you’re relaxing in your deep bubble bath it gives you something beautiful to look at which is what it’s all about. Enjoy! For more ideas and inspiration on interior design for bathrooms, click here.

Bathroom interior design

Create your perfect retreat at home


Bathroom interior design

Put your own stamp on your bathroom


Bathroom interior design

Creating a spa sanctuary at home


Bathroom interior design

Add well chosen pieces of art to your bathroom walls for the final touch


bathroom interior design

Use awkward spaces for radiators or storage to maximise floor space