For freshening up your home and giving it a new lease of life there’s nothing simpler than a lick of paint.

However, it’s often mind-bogglingly confusing to get the right colour or shade and I’m sure all of us have stood at one time or another with a wall full of different patches left over from a mountain of match pots.

As always, with any home renovations, the secret is in the planning. A bit of careful thought and research beforehand can save hours of head-scratching and frustration further down the line. As an interior designer, I’m often asked for advice on colour schemes and paint choices. To help guide you through this maze, I’ve pulled together a Pinterest board (see below) with some amazing ideas for decorating and here’s my top 5 tips for using paint to achieve amazing results in your home.

1. My first tip when redecorating is to consider which rooms need redecorating. If they’re in the same vicinity, but you’re looking at different colour palettes for each, then also consider the space or room(s) in between and how these might need to be used to connect the two new rooms. Colour is one of the most exciting aspects of interior design but it’s very easy to create themes in each room which only work in isolation and to forget that the house works as a whole and needs some continuity to bind it all together and provide a seamless professional feel, otherwise you can end up with a disjointed, distracting look overall.

2. My second tip is to look at the type of finish you want. It’s amazing how creative you can be. There’s a whole host of finishes available from matte / flat colours which are great for absorbing any imperfections to high gloss which can really add a striking feature to your room when used in the right way. I like to use satin finishes in areas which get a lot of traffic, hallways, living areas, kitchens. The satin or egg-shell finishes or even semi-gloss will wipe down more easily and be more forgiving in busy spaces. The matte finishes are wonderfully dense though and add a depth that instantly feels sumptuous. I’d recommended these for smaller spaces, like home offices, or recess areas, where you want to create that enveloping feel. Conversely, using high gloss sparingly in a room, otherwise decorated in a sheen finish will instantly add a wow factor. It particularly works in bathrooms, adding a refreshing, clean feature.

3. No surprises here, but as any interior design professional would say, always, always try out paints first. Once you’ve decided on your colour scheme, invest in samples of various different shades and finishes. Don’t just try them on one wall, try them on walls which get the light, corners which are dark and the ceiling too. And then live with them. Remember to look at them at different times of the day – morning light can bring a different feel to the evening hues.

4. Think about using different shades of the same colour in creative ways. It’s a fact that darker ceilings can make a room feel cosier and more intimate so think about using your wall colour on the ceiling but just a fraction darker – perhaps two or three shades. Alternatively, for a relaxed feel, for example in a bedroom, I’d recommend using the same shade on the ceiling as on the walls. This will create a seamless look and feel instantly calming.

5. A colour palette doesn’t have to be restricted to one colour. If you’re struck by two similar colours there are ways to bind them together. I’d still recommend that the two colours be from the same ‘family’ of colours though, unless you love the 90’s that is! Painting your ceiling and the top half of your walls one colour and the bottom a darker colour is a great way of combining two colours and in a house with high ceilings this works particularly well. One top interior trend that is coming through is panelling and this can be a great way of introducing two different colours – darker one for the panelling and a lighter one for the walls. I especially love this as a feature in a bedroom design.

Finally, my top tips for colours this season are Stiffkey, a rich inky navy from Farrow & Ball which, combined with Wevet for ceilings and paint work gives a lovely crisp feel. If you want a warmer tone, I’d recommend Shaded White, also from Farrow & Ball.

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For more design ideas, check out my Pinterest board

Bedroom design interior designer solihull

Contemporary bedroom design, Room4 Interiors Solihull

Contemporary bedroom design, Room4 Interiors

Bedroom interior design by Room4 Interiors using Farrow & Ball’s Worsted on walls and Wevet on ceiling and woodwork.