With Christmas just a few weeks away, many of us are starting to think about decorating our homes. And this year of all years, we all feel like we need to add a little extra sparkle to our lives. It got me thinking about decorations and how personal they are to each family. Without even knowing it, we each have our own style, our own way of doing things and our own traditions. And that’s what makes Christmas, Christmas!

There’s a great deal of sentimentality around decorations, the old favourites that come out each year, that Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without. Those of us with children probably fall into one of two camps…either every single handmade decoration by our little ones goes on the tree without fail each year, until it’s groaning with sentimental tear-jerkers or we deftly ‘lose’ a couple of school made decorations each year to make room for our chosen colour theme!

As an interior designer, I admit, I’m a sucker for a theme each year. There’s so many beautiful decorations to choose from, I can’t help splurging, having a play around and coming up with a new theme each year. Sometimes it’s colour based but this year for me, it’s all about lights. There are some gorgeous decorations around that add that twinkle that we all need right now. Indoor or outdoors there’s some beautiful ways to light up our homes this year. LED lights are my go-to choice as I know I can keep the lights on that little bit longer without it spiking my electricity bill and let’s face it, when it gets dark at 4pm we need something to look forward to! Outdoor LED lights are great, so think beyond the interior of the house and add some twinkle to a garden tree, wall or fence to bring a smile to your neighbours faces. I know locally, here in Solihull, there’s a number of Christmas Trails happening where children are following a trail of lights around the local community. Adding a bit of sparkle to the local community spirit feels great!

I’m also planning to break with tradition and go multiple on my trees this year. I’ve always been a one-tree girl but this year I’m pushing the boat out and adding a few additional smaller trees into the mix. We’re spending so much time in our homes at the moment I want to make each room feel Christmassy. I wouldn’t suggest a tree in every room but it’s definitely worth thinking about where you spend most of your time at the moment. Chances are it might not be the living room. Many of us have created space in our homes to work from home, an office or a kitchen table, so why not add some Christmas cheer to those areas too. If interior space is limited, my top tip is to use some greenery. Wreaths, garlands, swags and eucalyptus foliage are all great ways to introduce some greenery into the home. Real is my recommendation if you can as you will instantly add a wonderful festive scent too.

I’ll be posting some photos of my Christmas decorations in the next few weeks here and on my Instagram and Facebook pages. As a passionate interior designer, I love to see how everyone else decorates their homes; for me that’s one of the delights of Christmas, popping round to a friend’s house for a drink and seeing their home beautifully decorated. So in the absence of a ‘normal’ Christmas, leave me a comment and a pic here and let’s share the Christmas spirit in a new digital way.