Our Story

What makes Room4 Interiors different to other interior design companies?

How it all started

I’m Jo, mum of two and Dotty the Dog. I’m also founder of Room4 Interiors and I love to transform and recreate rooms!

Room4 Interiors was established in 2014, driven by my obsession for interiors. I have always had a real passion for homes and interiors. When I realised I was increasingly being asked by friends and family for advice within their own homes I realised I had a natural flair. And so Room4 Interiors was born.

My husband, Simon, has worked in construction for 25 years and is director of Room4 Construction, creating the most amazing builds, renovations and extensions, so Room4 Interiors seemed like a natural next step for us as a family.

To put it simply – I love to transform and recreate rooms!

Our vision + your voice = stunningly beautiful homes

Taking a house and transforming it into a dream home requires a real understanding of what a homeowner needs. For us, every project we work on is a home, not a floor plan or a list of dimensions.

Building a relationship with each of our clients is vital to us. We take the time to build a picture of the homeowner’s lifestyle, understand what their aspirations and dreams are and fuse this knowledge together with our own unique vision to create something truly special.

Turning ordinary into extraordinary

We are a team of perfectionists with a huge work ethic and fastidious attention to detail and in doing so have created some sumptuous spaces.

We recently renovated our own home; using simple grey tones, warm shades and soft furnishings we created a beautiful, stylish and tranquil home.

From the contemporary luxurious palette we recently created for Persimmon Homes, to the urban flavours mixed with reclaimed timbers at Espresso Barn Café, our first tandem project with Room4 Construction we have the creative imagination to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. 


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